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We do like the box when it works, but it seems like lately, many problems. Today it hasn't worked all day.

They say they're doing maintenance, and won't say when it will be up and running again. Worse than anything is their customer support. I've had the boxes for a couple years now and they've always had extremely rude customer support. You ask a question and if they answer, they come back with a very snippy response.

When these break, we'll be going with something else mainly because of how rude they are. Other friends have complained about the same thing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Streamsmart Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My box works great for a couple of weeks and then for no apparent reason the icon that worked so good will either be gone or not work at all. This so frustrating. Any comments?


That is BS. It works maybe 50% of the time.

Stop with the modem/router crap.

Every other wireless device in this house doesnt have a damn problem staying connected. Why is that??


The Streamsmart always works! You're Internet, modem/router are not good or you work for a cable company.

Don't believe this bull...t ! Alan.

to Anonymous #1432443

BS things like Veritas will be working great for a week or two and then it’s gone same with other icons. It seems the more you use a certain icon it burns out

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