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Update by user Feb 13, 2018

System is running.

Original review posted by user Feb 10, 2018

I've purchased three (3) S4 Streamsmart units, so I wouldn't have to move them around from one location to another. Many friends who have seen my reception and it's capability have been impressed to where they've purchased units.

I've had mine for approximately 4 years and for the most part, they've worked great. Really no complaints, until this past week (Feb 4, 2018). For some reason, the main component of their data base program, known as Wizard, has been removed. Since this took place, it has become so difficult to understand or manuever through the system, that I have not been able to receive any programming.

I am not a tech guy, but have been able in the past to work the system, generally understanding how to update and reset. Today, I am totally clueless as they have NO SUPPORT for their product. I have reached out and sent emails to the various Streamsmart distributors and their Facebook page, but not one reply.

I have no idea as to why this has taken place, but unfortunately I can no longer recommend this equipment. Maybe it's a temporary problem and hopefully so (?)

Product or Service Mentioned: Streamsmart Streaming Media Player.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: No product support.

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There is NO WIZARD so how do you run it. I have had my box for 3 years and I have had MANY issues with it.

NO SUPPORT AT ALL... I have sent many e-mails to streamsmart and NEVER gotten a response, ever!!!!! We are not cheap people that complain, we just want what we have already paid for. Why do they have apps that don't work on the main page, No one is making sure liks work within apps.

they just put up any old at and let us figure out which ones work..

It is now a joke and no longer funny. GET YOUR SH** together!!!!


DUDE if you have had it for over 4 years you can't say you have had a $1100 loss man. You have actually saved WAY more money in that amount of time! Mine works just fine!


4 years of use. Thats 48 months.

Id say you got yoir $20 of value in illegal streaming.

Your whining now because your dealer got busted? LOL!


I just activated a new box I got a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be working fine, although I don't have anything to compare it to. The Wizard is gone.

You have to go to Wizard No More/Unwizard after updating/refreshing your system. You have to use the 3rd Party Media Setup Tool to update your unit.

Go to Apps, then TV App Store, and select Utilities on the left. Then select Media Setup in the box on the right.


Hi, As of February 11, 2018, there is a fix: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FCSaMFE5fCBk&h=ATNaLzmE5IkC9XKu8EF3_m7Ir5WDLy5XzmDCLpIexiQPSTfbNqiqaa4BxxnYJ90FKamYSTnqFfTKCIsb-SNJhy60tCDxhOxbe87WL77-uTamdWCaypMILF8Koy4Iw2CBvfLg4M31cA

Mine, are currently working after following this procedure. I don’t know why the disruption took place? Hopefully, this will last.


I own three boxes too. Having the same problems.

I talked to the guy who sold me the boxes one of their distributors. Said they were sold for 20 million bucks.

He thinks it might be purchased by one of their competitors who are just trying to shut them down. Have yet to find any Technical Solutions to receiving live streams


Yup, there gone, jumped ship and started a new brand called streamstation.se My box no longer plays. I installed a media app that I was directed to do but still wont play anything. It just spins and spins.


I'm having the same problem this same past week, I think they have been shutdown because if I try to Google their website it says it under maintenance. To good to be true.

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