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I "bit the bullet " and got the upgrade, now my streamsmart pro doesnt work at all. Now it just blinks from the screen for downloading to installing.

Does this a few times then goes to the infinitestream logo and freezes there. Left it there for an hour to see if something would happen. Nothing. Got an infinitestream box also bout a year ago.

They both have their pros and cons until about three months ago then all *** happened to my infinitestream box. Been trying to get my infinitestream box fixed since then. Sent it to the manufacturer all he did was send my same box back to me. Then the second time sent me someone's old used box that doesn't work since they got rid of unwizard.

So i mailed it back to the company in which I purchased it waiting to see if they hold up there one year guarantee. Told him the box does me no good as a paperweight. Wife is telling me to cut my losses and get cable back. I'm not the give in type.

Going to do the same thing with my streamsmart pro box now. Since they are both under a year old. Let's just see what happens. Not going to hold my breathe.

Just trying not to go off on everyone.

Giving them a chance to fix it. This point only two new boxes fully upgraded and ready to watch is all I am going to accept.

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