Ione three smartstream boxes for a little less than a year. About $1,100 worth.

As of last week there was a change and all live streaming has ended. What the *** is going on? The distributor I purchased the three boxes from says he doesn't know what the *** is going on either. You took away the wizard to update.

I did the work around they showed on YouTube. But now I no longer have any live streaming.

Product or Service Mentioned: Streamsmart Streaming Media Box.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 7444 Ashford St, San Diego, CA 92111, USA

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Hello I have a post on here titled buy at your own risk. I can tell you what is going on.

They no longer are doing updates in your boxes format, if they are doing updates at all. I bought one of the original boxes an S3. Like I was told. Technology keeps advancing and so must you StreamSmart.

My problem they said was programmers were using a different format so I no longer would get updates. But for another 400 dollars I could get a whole new upgraded box.

Wow gee thanks. You don't get a lifetime warranty including updates so that means you have your working box as long as they want you to have it.


My streambox is saying not connected to internet ip address and I switch from wifi to ethernet restarted my router and nothing has changed I have no TV app store and media player won't run any way to fix this??


Media Player won’t work


Your boxes format has run out and you are now screwed, Unless you buy a whole new box that you will have the same problem with in the future. I know.


Doesn’t exist a solution , I have the same exact problem !!!


There is any way I can upstate my stream smart pro boxes

@Pachia Vag

Yes , that is if they are still in business, you need to buy a whole new box. Welcome to scamsville. The boxes work until the progamming format changes, then you're screwed.


Any help i will take


Its crazy that a company can rip people off, i had my atreamsmart box for 3 yrs did all up grades now its a paper weight, watched hrs of you tube but nothing works, tried reinstall and that killed it cause wizzard gone, am so pissed off that much money i spent for nothing but paper weight


I just started attempting to watch my box again. Everything is gone.

I have upgraded twice $$. This time I think they knew they was shutting down and took our money. Who are we gonna tell? I'm still using my box for streaming apps.

I will not pay into the sham again. I am done


Money hungry company bought them and now wants to charge you to upgrade. S.O.B.'s


Mike in Lancaster, These sons of *** tricked me too. I purchased my box in April and in less than a year they damaged the software that my ST1 should still be running on, what a scam, all because I didn't upgrade, a upgrade that was never mentioned at the time of purchase. They are crooks, con artist, and COWARDS!!!


Hey Mike you are not the first or only one. Anybody who purchased from this company is in your boat.

I have a post under reviews BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Bought an original S3. Was very skeptical and asked all kinds of questions from my seller in N.J. He guaranteed me this would be the only box I would ever need.

Yep until the programming format changed, then I needed to buy a new box , ($400 + ). When I asked them what the *** they said it's technology man, just like the cell phones, I needed to get new ones s they upgrade. Never said anything about this BEFORE I bought one. Argued and complained with them for over a year.

Now I'm back to cable because I got tired of them. Ps. I was one of the first to buy on the east coast (that's what I was told anyway). Apparently they were supposed to be a California based company and N.J.

was one of their first east coast distributers. I should have seen the red flag when their mailing address was out to an auto garage.


They don’t give a rats behind about you! This is the absolute definition of scam.

They lie, cheat and now steal your money for something that wasn’t supposed to cast a cent. Back to cable I guess!


I have a StreamSmart Pro box and towards the end of December everything stopped working. I paid $75 for the update, rebooted and add ons all updated.

Nothing works and also getting a message across the bottom of the screen all major providers are down.

They gotta have better help for these P O S boxes. Always something wrong with them.

These guys are scam artists. They say pay 1 time and no future fees (Stream station ST1, Smart stream, stream smart).

Purchased 2 units < 1 yr ago. Asked why when starting up the unit there is a black screen with RED letters that says visit qfulfilment.com to purchase upgrade for $50-100. They said that someone hacked their system and wrote this in the boot-up process. With all the channel guide issues and live streaming disappearing weekly or monthly, thought this could be true.

It seemed like their system was hacked frequently with downed streams. Then came the big hatchet, the End of September & beginning of October 2019 for 3-4 weeks the unit was only 10-30% functional. They said that the network was down & hacked again. Called & sent texts weekly to complain.

When it became 50+% functional we received a text saying that the Company was sold to a contractor to maintain the system & that a $50/yr upgrade fee was required for them to hit an upgrade button that they disabled from the screens or give you that functionality back. But guess what, the same notice that I received when I purchased my unit about a 5000 remaining - $50/yr upgrade extortion fee 10 months earlier was now real on my TV boot-up screen every day and the seller of the unit couldn't lie anymore say it's a hacker. It's real. So what did they do: Prior to mid 2018 they sold units and then in 2018 they came up with this get rich quick scheme by selling $50/unit/year upgrade.

Figure 10,000 units @ $50, 2000 @ $75 & 1000 @$100 = that's 3/4 of a Million/year they make. Now from mid 2018 til October 2019 they must have sold over 7000 more units and implemented the same scam, identical, duplicated so they are making another 1/2-3/4 million. Now they moved on to Hyperion. This will fade & the same scam will happen again in 12-24 months.

I suggest if you are capable, build your own streaming box with Kodi for $50-70 and invest some time or have your tech savy kids do it for you. It's a good learning project that will teach them some new skills.

Or use Antenna for local tv, your streaming box for movies and get a APP only cable 60 channels for $14.99/month for streaming live TV/Cable with combo package net cost is ~$0 to beat these guys and hopefully they go away. Just Think Outside of the Box to foil these scammers.

I wish I would’ve known it was a scam because I’ve had a update annually. I’ve used the box for 4 years. Between having a VPN, paying for faster internet, Real Debrid account and all the other little things they nickel and dime for it’s almost worth it to go back other than the $5 movie part per rental .


Customer service sucks as well as the Box. I paid for the update and so far I have not received any satisfaction


Why is there no live stream?


We have to boxes, both were updated for the fee we were told would never occur. Performance was initially was pretty good until it wasn’t a few weeks ago.

Live tv will work awhile and then freeze. As a separate matter, infinitestream and Streamsmart make assumptions that it’s users are sufficiently versed in technology to understand the (excuse me) the gobbledygook that is on the various screens. I have asked several friends I believe are more technically sophisticated to help with some issues and they have the same response that I do.

The only people that seem versed are at the end of the help lines, which some reports say no longer available. If the company ever gets their stuff worked out, I hope they provide better operating instructions and troubleshooting guides.

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