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Ione three smartstream boxes for a little less than a year. About $1,100 worth.

As of last week there was a change and all live streaming has ended. What the *** is going on? The distributor I purchased the three boxes from says he doesn't know what the *** is going on either. You took away the wizard to update.

I did the work around they showed on YouTube. But now I no longer have any live streaming.

Product or Service Mentioned: Streamsmart Streaming Media Box.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Streamsmart sucks, total handcuff move on box to extract money from you. I moved on to a better box, been doing this for years.

Streamaster25@gmail.com send me an email.

I wouldn't trust them with my credit card info. Reply


If you have a Pro model you can upgrade it for $50 and all of your content will work as it has in the past. If you have an S4 model or older, there is no upgrade available and your only option is to buy a new box.

Contact the party you bought the box from and trade-in your old box.

It’s a brick now and will never work again. Today’s date is 01.16.2019.

to crs619 #1632196

Your statements above aren't true. Yes you can upgrade but no the S4 is not a brick.

Mine still updates as normal it just doesn't have Live TV;which is very important if your like watching PPV or certain games. You can still use your boxes without the update just know that live TV won't be available if the update doesn't apply to your device. Trust the update people......Mine came in within 24hrs and worked immediately. Tried a few links and it seems to work better than before.

Well anything is better when you were down to almost nothing. lol


Mine went out and I have had mine for 3 years. It's a pro.

Last night I was able to pull up some stuff but its old movies and I can access some thru You Tube. Has anybody paid money and have it work. I think it's 75 bucks. At the same time it reads on the bottom of my screen that it's down for maintenance.

I gonna try and be patient and see what happens. I couldn't get anything the day before. Any ideas anybody? Has anybody heard anything else?

We got 14 inchs of snow and kinda thought that had something to do with it but I am pretty sure that was the dish problems and they didnt apply because my other devices are working.

I am looking for any advise and a way not to have to pay 75 bucks and it not work. I would track them down if it didnt work.

to DJ #1631971

Its 50 bucks, and it works. I have a streamsmart pro. You send them your ethernet mac address and after a couple of hours an update is available under you tv rom settings.

to DJ #1632192

The upgrade works. I was thinking the same that I didn't want to gamble.

The Pro works and the S4 Plus doesn't.

Well it still works just not for live TV. I hope this answers your question.


Why is that sometimes my shows will play and other times they won’t?


https://discord.gg/c5VbgS. This is a forum that can get you the help you need to get a quality build installed on any streaming boxes.

Silent Hunter is active in this forum. You can message with him, and he can send you a link that will download his Apk Build to any box. His build runs seperate from Kodi, or along side it. I have a build I installed to kodi, and I also have Silent Hunter build that is seperate.

A lot of good folks that can help you get your box humming again, totally seperate from the manufacturers build. Silent Hunter also offers Kong Tv if interested.

to Staggerler #1630639

Can anyone help get past the upgrade screen?


Android box users- streamsmart, etc. If your box is not working, don't toss it yet.

I was a happy dragon box owner for a year, when a lawsuit forced the company to remove it's kodi build. It was little rough, but I learned how to install a build to kodi myself, combined with the real debrid account, my box is running better now than when I used the original build. Instead of fishing through countless sources for a watchable link, I can pull up the movie or show I want in a minute or less. I would do a factory reset- or youtube how to delete a kodi build.

If you need to install kodi, utube those steps- then go to kodi and look for the gear icon as your starting point to install a build.

Xenon build is firing on all cylinders, utube install steps. If this old cat can salvage and ignite these kodi boxes, anyone can.


Why did my streamsmart box stop working it deleted all my apps and I cannot get any of them back can somebody please help me what's going out I can't even watch TV

to Justice #1628469

Having the same issue

to James #1630673

Same problem

to Justice #1630383

you guys wouldnt happen to have the stream smart s4 plus would you? if you do, i was told by stream smart it support that they stopped supporting all updates to the older models and were only offering trade ins for upgrades now. i dont have *** 240 dollars for a trade in upgrade so im researching and working on finding a way to manually update all the software on it, if such a way exists


My streamsmart pro works great I have problems here and there with the streams buffering but it pays for itself just by all the new movies and TV shows. Not disappointed at all.

There is an update but it's only $75 that's nothing compared to a monthly payment for wifi and cable and HBO prime channels all sporting events and entertainment for all!!

I honestly don't know how someone could look at the negatives so much when there is so much positive going on!! Good job to the guys and gals that work on bettering it and I can't wait to see where it goes from here

to Samantha #1628945

Go *** yourself Samantha.

to Samantha #1628970

Can you list the link to the update Samantha.l?


No one should give these guys any business, less than one year later and they want more money? F that.

Really wasn't that great to begin with. And the people here saying its working better than ever could be shills. Has anyone tried what this one poster suggested? Reset the boxes and reinstall the streamsmart apps from the TV app store in the menu.

Then go and update your kodi to 18 leai and find a build from one of the repositories ex: youtube ? There are many many to choose from and they are all tutorial style installs. But you must get the new kodi 18 first before you proceed and you do a factory reset.

Check it out and use one of the boxes to experiment with and you will learn how easy these boxes are to reconfigure... Good Luck!

to celtic #1625257

U can install any build u want ive tried no luck

to celtic #1628096

I have a dragon box and had to install my own build since a lawsuit forced the company to remove the dragon wizard. I have Kodi 17.6 and installed a build that's far better than the original. I would delete the Kodi 18, install the 17.6 and follow the utube install for the Xenon build.

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